What is the author’s attitude towards music? 材料
  Music is part of the structure of our society; it sits at the heart of human experience and enriches(丰富) so many lives. Why, then, is it not central to our education system? This is a question I recently put forward to an all-party group on music education.   I am 20 years old and began playing the piano at the Barracudas Band in Barrow-in-Fumess, aged seven. The funding for the centre has now been cut. I took part in the primary tuition project, aged 11. The funding for that has also been cut now. It is a common problem across the country.   Music is not an add-on, a “soft” subject or a luxury—it is absolutely essential to our existence. Every child deserves the opportunity to experience its benefits. Until music is held in the same regard as the “core” subjects of our curriculum, our society will be worse off. We need joy, empathy(共情) and hope on this planet more than ever, and taking away children’s opportunity to develop musical skills is to set ourselves up for a fall. Despite the many brilliant programs and projects to encourage young musicians(“Every Child a Musician,”“Awards for Young Musicians,”to name but a few), we are reaching a crisis point. We are in danger of destroying creativity, innovation (创新) and expression. Learning an instrument can help develop so many fundamental life skills. It promotes discipline, empathy, determination and cooperation as well as providing a sense of community and worth.   Music has changed my life. It is a huge part of who I am. I have learned so much about the world through music and the inspiring figures I have met through it. I feel I have a duty to help ensure that others can benefit from its magic. Let us make it available to every single child.

What is the author’s attitude towards music?

A. Positive.
B. Critical.
C. Doubtful.
D. Indifferent.

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